A non-contact method of receiving frequencies

It seems interesting to me that there have been few visitors to this particular BLOG series since I first posted it a year ago. Since the original build of the ATtiny12 frequency generator over a decade ago, I've still been involved with this "frequency healing technology". I've successfully used it on myself and my offspring … Continue reading A non-contact method of receiving frequencies


Some thoughts about using DDS with a PLL to achieve higher frequencies

I've worked with DDS generators in the past.  One such use was with an AVR microcontroller, specifically, an ATmega168 running at 10 MHz . In that particular project, I wanted to be able to generate frequencies that were higher than those that the AVR could generate on its own using DDS.  The DDS sampling frequency … Continue reading Some thoughts about using DDS with a PLL to achieve higher frequencies

Other useful frequencies

I decided to post some other useful frequencies that I have run across that others have verified seem to have positive effects. They are listed below. Note that the ATtiny12-based frequency generator described in this post is only capable of generating fixed frequency output. Perhaps adapting the code to implement a direct digital synthesis (DDS) … Continue reading Other useful frequencies

ATtiny12L Selectable Frequency Generator

Over a decade ago, I was exposed to a new kind of technology. Well, rather it was old technology but I was newly exposed to it. Let me explain... Some one had asked me to research this subject on personal and private healing methodologies. Here's what I discovered: Back in the 1920's, a man named … Continue reading ATtiny12L Selectable Frequency Generator